• flat tail about 30 cm longexternal image beaver1231206221.jpg
  • weigh from 16 to 32 kg
  • small front paws
  • the teeth are very strong
  • small ears
  • big tail
  • small paws
  • brown fur
  • small front feet

external image JAC-beavers-bg.jpg


  • near wooded streams
  • most parts of Canada
  • range extends from Alaska to the southern United States
  • builds a home (lodge
  • Beavers may also build dens

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  • bark and leaves of trees
  • grass, berries and waterplants.

Youngexternal image OSHAM-00001125-001-FB.jpg

  • May or June the female has a litter
  • newborn have fur, teeth
  • can see and walk
  • three or four kit
  • stay with parents until two years old
  • help parents repair dam

Enemiesexternal image image016.jpg

  • Wolves
  • coyotes
  • wolverines
  • bear

Cool Factsexternal image beaver_facts.jpg

  • mud also helps keep the inside warm
  • nostrils and ears can be closed when swimming
  • not able to move quickly on land
  • known for their buck teeth
  • Most lodges are about 5 metres wide and 2 metres high