Appearanceexternal image american-bison-45961.jpg

  • 725 kilograms
  • shaggy dark brown mane
  • heaviest land animal in North America

Homeexternal image Bison_live_in_Bialowieza_forest_2.jpg

  • found in North America
  • flat grasslands
  • mainly in parks and reserves
  • northeast British Columbia, northwest Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories

external image QC113009b.jpg


  • most time feed on grasses
  • horsetails, weeds, berries
  • unchewed food or cud is brought back into the mouth and chewed
  • trailing plants

external image istockphoto_2539955-young-bison-calf.jpg


  • eyes ears are open
  • looks like a baby cow
  • has fuzzy reddis
  • stays close to mother
  • love to play

Enemiesexternal image Canis_lupus_pack_surrounding_Bison.jpg

  • grizzly bear
  • mountain lion
  • wolf
  • coyote
  • Man was greatest enemy

Cool Facts external image p122781-Custer_South_Dakota-Bison_bull_at_Custer_State_Park.jpg

  • When alarmed, they run (stampede)
  • 550 lived in Canada
  • excellent swimmers
  • able to run up to 55 kilometres per hour
  • it is the largest land animal in North America