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  • smallest bear in North America
  • male can be 2 metres (6 ft) length
  • 1 metre ( 3 ft. ) to the shoulders
  • not all are black, some are dark brown or rusty brown
  • brown patch on the nose
  • stubby tail

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  • found in western United States
  • found across Canada
  • mountains
  • looks for a den under a fallen tree
  • in a cave
  • may dig a small hole in a hillside
  • females line the den with grass and leaves

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  • climb trees for birds' eggs
  • eat bees
  • plants
  • fish

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  • two or three cubs born every two years
  • born in January or February
  • newborns are naked and blind
  • spend the winter in the den drinking mother's milk
  • by May their coats have grown


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  • has a few enemies
  • animals are afraid to attack the bear
  • men

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Cool Facts

  • cubs whine (sounds like a baby crying)
  • has powerful paws
  • stand up on hind legs to smell
  • very hungry when it comes out of the den
  • climb trees for birds' eggs