Appearance external image cyote-spotlight.jpg

  • lives up to 14 years old
  • fur is greyish with a bit of shiney red
  • leg and ears fur even redder
  • tip of tail very shiney and black
  • very long and pointy nose big sense of smell
  • can be brown,gray,black,cream and white
  • wide pointy ears


  • external image Coyote-Pup-n-Den.jpega den or burrow
  • dig a hole in the ground or the side of a hill
  • found out West
  • Northwest Territories and the Yukon
  • live in a pack
  • mountains
  • grassy plains
  • desert and northern Canada

external image AMDV01P04_16.jpg


  • hunts at night for food
  • rabbits, hares, small rodents, berries, grass and insects
  • winter small animals squeaking under the snow
  • already-dead animals, grass and insects


external image YS07+coyote+pups+192_9300.jpg
  • learn how to hunt when they are old enough
  • pups are a month old parents feed them chewed up food
  • three to twelve pups are born in a den
  • parents feed and protect their babies
  • very playful

Enemiesexternal image 5504normal_LesCoyote1.jpg

  • Bears
  • wolves
  • mountain lions
  • eagles
  • hunters
  • farmers
  • ranchers

Cool Factsexternal image coyote800x600.jpg

  • light coloured in the winter and darker in the summer
  • good runner and can reach speeds of up to 64 per hour
  • hunt alone or will form groups to hunt larger animals
  • one howl from a coyote can set off other coyotes to join in too
  • good swimmers