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  • fur white
  • 70 kg (females) 135 kg (males) but can reach 290 kg
  • nose, eyes, lips, and paws are dark colored.
  • short lags
  • Up to 25 years

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  • coastal rainforests on islands off British Columbia>
  • lounge in a den, under a tree or among fallen tree roots
  • lives only in Canada
  • highest concentration Princess Royal Island and Gribbell Island

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  • salmon
  • berries


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  • called cubs
  • look like mother
  • like to play
  • soft
  • coudily
  • dark brown light brown or white
  • cute
  • small


  • needs coastal rainforests on the islands off British Columbia’s coast.
  • needs salmon
  • major threat is loss of pristine habitat from ongoing logging operations.
  • global warming is a long term threat that alters balanced ecosystem.

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Cool Facts

  • population of kermode bears estimated under 1300.
  • due to the remote and unspoiled territories that these bears live in, they are neither accustomed nor fearful of man.
  • Newborn cubs weigh up to a pound.
  • When fall arrives the mother bear finds a suitable place to den such as a hollow tree trunk,