Wordle: The Moose

Appearanceexternal image moose3.jpg

  • very long legs
  • big hooves
  • humpback
  • very short tail
  • large ears
  • wide droopy nose
  • overhanging top lip
  • long flap of fur-covered skin (called a bell) under chin
  • adult dark brown coat, young reddish brown
  • Males bigger than females
  • can be over 3 metres in length /shoulder height of over 2 metres
  • Males can weigh 600 kg

Homeexternal image moose.jpg

  • all parts of Canada and Alaska
  • warmer months near lakes and marshes
  • winter forested areas
  • often live alone
  • margins of lakes, muskegs and streams of boreal forest,
  • rocky, wooded hillsides of western mountain ranges

Foodexternal image 12815434.jpg

  • water plants
  • water lilies and weeds
  • roots and stems of underwater plants
  • branches and leaves of trees
  • herbivore (a plant-eater)
  • spends most of the day eating

Youngexternal image DSC_0062%20mama%20moose%20eating%20while%20baby%20suckles%20gtnp%20en%20wy.jpg

  • has one or two calves
  • born in the late spring
  • reddish brown coats
  • unable to walk for a few days
  • by fall stop drinking mother's milk
  • stay with the mother for about a year


  • Man
  • wolves
  • bears
  • cannot escape if they are in deep snow

Cool Facts

  • rack of antlers can range from 120 to 150 cm. across
  • good swimmers
  • can dive 5.5 metres or more for plants at bottom of lake
  • make a strange whistle-like call
  • often live alone
  • late fall the bulls' antlers fall off and new ones grow