external image porcupine.jpg
external image porcupine.jpg

  • large flat paws
  • almost no neck
  • thick brownish hairs
  • small head
  • small eyes and ear
  • short legs
  • long claws ----


  • almost anywhere in Canada where there are trees
  • spends much of its time in tall trees
  • sleeps during day in hollow log or in den under some rocks
  • has more than one den
  • may nest high up in a tree


  • feed on tree bark
  • branches and pine needles in the winter
  • In spring eat new green grass
  • In summer eat roots
  • leaves, berries, seeds, nuts and flowers

Youngexternal image porcupine-baby.jpg

  • born in the spring
  • covered with long black hair
  • short quills that are soft
  • It can walk
  • able to climb in less than a week


  • great horned owls
  • foxes
  • bears, wolves,
  • In some areas the fisher has been brought in to control the number of porcupines
  • Other enemies of the porcupine are bobcats, bears, wolves,
  • Cars and trucks kill more porcupines than all other enemies put together

Cool Facts

  • may live for ten years or more
  • arches its back and the quills stiffen when danger is near
  • does not wander far from its home
  • found almost anywhere in Canada where there are trees